Wesolowska, Prof. Dr. W.

Wesolowska, Prof. Dr. W. Prof. Dr. hab. Wanda Wesolowska
Zoological Institute, Wroclaw
University, Sienkiewicza 21, 50-335
Wroclaw, Poland

E-Mail: tomwes@biol.uni.wroc.pl

  • Polish taxonomist, engaged in research on Salticidae.
  • Born in 1950, studied biology at Poznan University; as a student she was interested in ornithology, her early works were devoted to birds.
  • Begun profesional employment at Teaching College in Siedlce she has shifted her interest to jumping spiders and remains true to them.
  • She later moved to Wroclaw University where she is employed now.
  • She received her PhD for thesis deling with taxonomy of large Salticidae genus Heliophanus containing over 100 species
  • She has also reconstructed the evolutional history of this genus on the base of the recent species distribution.
  • She wrote later papers on salticids of Eastern Palaearctic (Korean Peninsula, northern Mongolia, the Russian Far East, the last together with D. Logunov, and Turkmenistan).
  • The main areas of her interests are now faunistic and taxonomic studies on Salticidae of Palaearctic and Afrotropical Regions.
  • Recently majority of her research dealt with jumping spiders of Africa: Maltecora, Festucula, Massagris and Harmochirus are among African genera she revised taxonomically.
  • She described numerous new species from many parts of Africa.
  • The spider biodiversity is also part of her interests.
  • African ant-mimicking jumping spiders are her newest interest.
Text by Jercy Proszynsky (www.salticidae.org)

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