Metzner, Dr. H.

Metzner, Dr. H.
  • Diploma in biology (Erlangen, Prof. Dr. Otto von Helversen)
  • 2 years of scientific volontary work at the Staatlichen Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe together with Dr. Hubert Höfer (SMNK)
  • specialized in european and neotropical salticidae
  • field trips to Brazil and Argentina (Prof. Maria Elena Galiano).
  • Thesis: "Die Springspinnen Griechenlands", finished and published in 1999.
  • since 1999 emloyed as head of department "interactive & multimedia" in an advertising and marketing agency


:: benefit for the website ::
I started the database of jumping spiders in 1994 as an offline version (procite) to manage my collection of spiders and publications. Later I started to include the published informations to have a tool to get quick access to the informations about salticidae all over the world.
During my employment at the SMNK (1996-1998) it was a valuable tool to find a quick way to the neotropic jumping spiders.

In 2000 I transferred the existing database into an online MySQL-database and started so the first database driven Homepage about jumping spiders worldwide.
The content can be managed online via an php-based content management system, designed and programmed by myself. It´s more than easy to include data, drawings, fotos and descriptions.

Not like other websites I have no financial support from the EU or Scientific Institutions.
Recent project is to implement an interactive key to the genera worldwide, based on the same technique of the provisional key to the genera of european jumping spiders.
Please order my book "Die Springspinnen (Arachnida, Araneae, Salticidae) Griechenlands" directly at

:: references ::

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