Napoca insignis (♂,♀) (O. PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, 1872

In addition to the genus diagnosis, the following features characterize the species:


The spider appears very broad, cephalothorax and abdomen being about of equal length, the abdomen covers tightly sloping part of the thorax. The general colouration blackish reddish brown, with the legs darkest" (O. Pickard-Cambridge 1872: 324-326). Cephalothorax: eye field flat and long, broader posteriorly, eyes II closer to eyes I; thoracic slope step, begins just behind eye field; a few whitish scales dorsally. Abdomen flattened and oval, truncated anteriorly and pointed and oval posteriorly; glossy blackish red-brown with a few pale scales. Frontal aspect: chelicerae strong, straight and flattened anteriorly. Legs: I longer and stronger than II-IV. Palpal organ: bulbus oval, almost round which distinguishes it from remaining species where is anteriorly flattened; apex of apophysis does not bend ventrally but slightly bent dorsally. Measurements (mm). Male. Length of cephalothorax and abdomen 3.34 mm. Seasonal appearance of adult specimens. Male - III. (collected in 1865). © PRÓSZYŃSKI 2003

Distribution: Geographical DistributionMiddle East.


Distribution: Geographical DistributionMiddle East.


Diagnosis. Abdomen short and broad, as broad as cephalothorax, bulbus round, without any flattening.