Pseudomogrus squamifer (♂,♀) (SIMON, 1881)


Body coloration dull. Cephalothorax integument brown, covered with small, colourless scales, eye field covered very densely with small whitish scales; with two darker longitudinal streaks of brownish scales, not visible in the type of this species due to loss of scales, absent in Yllenus salsicola. Abdomen: dorsally uniformly covered by adpressed silver grey scales; with a few remnants of brown adpressed setae Frontal aspect: clypeus brown with greyish setae. Palpal organ: cymbium brown with colourless or whitish setae; differs distinctly from Yllenus salsicola in shape of embolus and conductor and their proportions in relation to bulbus and cymbium, also in the articulating apparatus, which in the latter species has tibial apophysis broader and bent, which reduces the free space around the sclerotized lateral plate-like process of cymbium to a narrow but much deeper slot.
Measurements (mm) (of non Levantine specimens). Male. Length of cephalothorax 1.58; length of abdomen 1.71; length of 5 segments of leg I 3.16. (c) PRÓSZYŃSKI 2003

Body: Habitusnormal jumping spider-like. Eyes: Number eye rowsthree.


Body: Habitusnormal jumping spider-like. Eyes: Number eye rowsthree.


Seasonal appearance of adult specimens. Males - IV, XI; females - IV, V, VI, VII, X.