Heliophanus designatus (♀) (PECKHAM & PECKHAM, 1903)

PECKHAM, G. W. & PECKHAM, E. G. (1903)

New species of the family Attidae from South Africa, with notes on the distribution of the genera found in the Ethiopian region Trans. Wisconsin Acad. Sci. Arts. Lett., Madison, Wisconsin 14: 173-278

Fig.: D-15370
Sittacus designatus - ♀ - abdomen - South Africa
Cape of Good Hope, Willowmore, citation: 1903. Trans. Wisc. Acad., 14: 213, pl. 22, f. 3 . leg: H. Brauns, Peckham Coll.. det: G.W. and E.G. Peckham.